Unique Facilities

We provide a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by a system of instructions that encourage the thought process and reasoning, which would gear the children to be logical, analytical, critical, creative, innovative and communicative.

  • The curriculum is well planned, graded and innovative and is based on PSEB Mohali guidelines.
  • The classrooms are aesthetically planned, well ventilated, providing an environment which is conducive to learning.
  • Very well qualified, experienced, affectionate and caring staff.
  • Teaching through play way methods.
  • Neat and clean environment.
  • School transport for the specified routes.
  • Vocational guidance and counseling.
  • Keeping more discipline in the classes.
  • Co-curricular activities for all round development of personality.
  • For drinking water and electricity outages there are facilities of water cooler and generator.

CCTV Surveillance

Whole school is covered under CCTV surveillance for the protection of the school and the students. Also surveillance helps to dice indiscipline in the school premises. IT department always keep a check on what is happening in the school premises.