Parents Guidelines

  • Please ensure that you are supportive and encouraging of yours childa��s efforts.
  • You are requested to see the Diary of your child daily.
  • Positive reinforcement, a supportive and guiding hand and constant encouragement to your child is all that a child needs to find the right path to success.
  • Take an active interest in yours child work at school and spend quality time going over what she/he has done in school.
  • Encourage your child to read, be resourceful and independent in his / her work and study.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their ward attends school for the whole day on days scheduled for tests/ exams and not just for the duration of the test only.
  • Please send your ward neat and in proper school uniform.
  • The school Report card will be handed over only to the parenta��s guardians or a person authorized by the parents.
  • If the child does not progress, the parents are requested to see the Principal during visiting hours.

Note: Parents are not permitted to visit the classes, except on a�?Parent-Teacher-Meetinga�?.
Children are allowed to celebrate their birthdays by distributing just Two Sweets to their classmates and teachers Exchanging of gift too is not allowed.

Late Arrivals

  • School gate will close at 7:55 am in summers and at 8:55 am in winters.
  • All late arrivals if they arrive after the gate has been closed would be punished/action will be taken.
  • Three late arrivals consecutively would lead to the student being sent back home.